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During year 2004, Henikwon has secured one of the biggest and most advance coal fired power plant in Malaysia, the Tanjung Bin Power Plant, located in Serkat province in the state of Johor. This coal fired power plant will have generation
capacity of 2,100MW and it costs a total of 7.8 billion Ringgit Malaysia to build it. Once the power plant is fully commissions, it may hold about 24% share of the power generation market in Peninsular Malaysia.
Other projects inclusive Hospital Pusrawi, Government Custom-Immigration-Quarantine Building (CIQ), Bintulu Port Headquarter, IKBN, CEP for Kuala Lumpur Medical Center and many others.

Henikwon through its experience in the telecommunication market, has successfully completed several significant telecommunication projects in Indonesia. One of the largest telecommunication group is Telkomsel where the projects are situated at TB.Simatupang, Semarang, Makasar, Balikpapan and Pontianak of Indonesia.
Numerous commercial and exclusive condominium projects under the Agung Podomoro Group were completed, included Mediterania Garden Tanjung Duren, Kemayoran Mediterania Palace, Mediterania Gajah Mada and Kelapa Gading Square. Customers trust, competitiveness, flexibility of busduct system solutions have allowed us to continuously secure upcoming projects in the region, such as La Piazza, Gedung Samsat, Mega Kuningan Rits Calton Hotel. In oil & gas industry, we have completed Dumai Project supplying for High Voltage Busduct System.

After successful completion of Henikwon Busduct System to HSBC in Hyderabad India with its proven quality performance, Henikwon secured another HSBC Group Service Center in Colombo Sri Lanka, which claims to be the HSBC's seventh Group Service center after India, China and Malaysia. In the meantime, Henikwon completed HSBC Data Call CenterProject in Philippines, where 4000A, 2500A and 1200A in 200% neutral with 50%Internal Ground is supplied in March 2005.

Top Busduct Brand in Philippines

With much of achievements in the past years in Philippines market, Henikwon Busduct System is ever expanding its market share in various sectors of industries with various product ranges, being a 'Number One' supplier with LV and HV busduct system. Petron Henikwon completed Petron Bataan Refinery Upgrading in Bataan, supplying 3000A 5kV busduct system. Petron Corporation is the largest and leading oil refining company in Philippines. Metro Market-Market is the most pretigious and up to trend shopping mall in Manila, under Metro Gaisano Group.
Current projects Henikwon secured are Malayan Plaza, Swire Elan Suite, Union Bank Plaza, Amkor Semiconductor Factory and many others. Henikwon is the only approved busduct system brand in Amkor projects in Philippines, where high demand of quality power distribution is required.

Henikwon ventures into China market and recently we have successfully awarded to supply Henikwon SCM Busduct System to INTEL Chengdu China project. Henikwon commitments to customers are the core success that drive us to secure the most interesting projects in China electrical industry. We foresee a great potential for Henikwon's growth in this fast moving region.

As a consistent guarantee of the highest quality standard and continuous conformity to the local authority, Henikwon has achieved a remarkable result in supplying its busduct systems to both commercial and ASD(Architectural Services Department) Government projects, including Sai Wan Ho Ferry Concourse, Maxim Workshop Phase 3, TKO57A, Kowloon Hospital, Ophthalmic Centre, Shek Tong Tsui Sport Centre, Castle Peak Hospital, Buxey Lodge, Junior Police Officer Married Quarters and Fairmount Garden Projects.
Henikwon is very proud to complete Kowloon Station Project which is one of the intelligent building and biggest projects in Hongkong.

Henikwon is acquiring energetic and strategic innovative approach to market Henikwon's busduct system in Vietnam. With the fast-track development in this region, hospitals, high-rise building, factories, airports are being developed aggressively and the demand for busduct system is increasing. Henikwon foreseesthe great potential in Vietnam market and continues to expand its business in this region.

Henikwon is proud to be associated with around 100 various indian projects including landmark project of Delhi namely DMRC (Delhi Metro), Sahara and many others.
Henikwon is actively involves in india's information technology growth, supplying to some of the IT majors like Wipro, Intel, ITPL etc. With a nationwide network of local offices and experienced market segment groups, we offer the best project teams in the industry and provide an unmatched range of engineering services.

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